Hiking the Carters

Last weekend I took myself on a camping and hiking trip to the White Mountains. I headed up to Gorham, NH and spent two nights at Dolly Copp Campground, at the foot of… Continue reading

Northern Harrier feeding

I took a walk this afternoon through a swamp in my neighborhood, gathering downed branches to make into tree blocks. It was a welcome diversion from the insanity that has consumed Boston since… Continue reading

house sparrow house

Here are some sparrows, starlings, and a squirrel visiting our backyard feeders a few summers ago. We have a long hedge that sits between the sidewalk and our front porch. Throughout the end… Continue reading

early woodworking project

I snapped this picture while I was at my parents’ house on Easter. This is one of my early woodworking efforts, a message board I designed and built for my mother when I… Continue reading

Almost Spring on the Sudbury River

Here is our canoe on this first morning of spring. Boston has gotten slammed with winter storms this year. That isn’t a complaint. Despite many long early mornings spent shovelling before work, we… Continue reading

Fast Car

I was eight years old the night Tracy Chapman performed this song on the Grammys, just after being named best new artist of the year. I remember being transfixed by her voice and… Continue reading

fox signs

Back in December I wrote about seeing a red fox at the Quincy quarries. Yesterday morning I was back there walking Rosa. We didn’t see the fox but did come across some signs… Continue reading

pet turtles are expensive and a lot of work

Look at that little guy! Cute, right? This is Clarence, a few days after I brought him home from the pet store. I bought Clarence seven years ago from a nice reptile specialty… Continue reading

big snow

A giant snowstorm came through the northeast this past weekend, dumping over two feet of snow on us in Boston. Our friend Ricky flew in for a visit on Friday morning, just before… Continue reading

playing with Banjo

We are dogsitting this week for our friends’ pup, Banjo. It’s great to have dog company and Banjo is a real sweetheart. He has some hang-ups… a little separation anxiety, sometimes debilitating fear… Continue reading