Months have passed but not a day, not an hour goes by without thinking about Bubba. There’s always something that reminds me of him, like seeing another dog that looks like him, or… Continue reading

damage control

Superstorm Sandy brought mostly wind to our area a few weeks ago, and blew the gate of our aging back yard fence off its hinges. Like many other things at our rented bungalow,… Continue reading

fall projects

I have some projects to tackle around the house and holiday gifts to make, but before all that, here are a few things I put out this past fall. The horse barn was… Continue reading

a different world

We spent last weekend the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking the Webster/Jackson loop in the southern Presidentials on Saturday. The trails and mountaintops around Crawford Notch were snow covered despite temperatures in… Continue reading

Life without Bubba

It’s been two weeks since we put Bubba to sleep. To say that it was one of the hardest things I have ever done is an understatement. I wish I could say it… Continue reading

last call

I wasn’t surprised to see Peter’s number light up my phone yesterday morning. Things didn’t work out on the farm, so we drove up last night and brought him home. Bubba and Peter… Continue reading

signs along the way

On the first full day back in Boston after Bubba’s bite incident in May, I found this beaten up four leaf clover in the field across from work. I taped it in my… Continue reading

a different kind of heaven

Could this be Bubba’s new home? We drove out to the country yesterday to meet the farmer who is interested in adopting Bubba. On the way there I gave Bubba a pep-talk that… Continue reading

knowing we tried

Each day feels heavier as we move toward the end of the week. I’m making the most of the time I have with Bubba, enjoying our favorite walks and play time and bumming… Continue reading

make it good

My furry friend is sleeping at my feet as I write. For the past year he has rarely been far from my side. By his standards he’s been having a hell of a… Continue reading