Bubba practices patience. I love the river of drool that pours out of his mouth at the start of this video. When he started learning this, he would crawl backwards and not let… Continue reading

voices of reason

I want to share a couple links to other blogs that have been especially helpful to me in gaining understanding of Bubba and the way he ticks. These folks have a lot of experience… Continue reading

no easy solutions

It’s been a month and a half since Bubba’s bite incident. We’ve spent these weeks connecting with rescue groups, shelters, trainers and other “dog people” in hopes of finding a more appropriate home… Continue reading

the hardest thing

We have come to a very difficult place with Bubba. The short story is that he bit someone last weekend. We were on vacation in a place where he’d never been, and the… Continue reading

all projects big and small

This blog has been sorely neglected. Two months is too long to go between posts. Here’s something to get back on track and review some of what’s been happening in the meantime. (The… Continue reading

Please keep Zeus in your thoughts

Zeus is a handsome one year old pitbull who lives in the neighborhood where I work. Bubba and I have met him a couple times when he’s been out with his owner. These… Continue reading

dog, bike, woods

Yesterday, Natasha took Bubba out for a three mile run and he misbehaved the entire time. He was jumpy, pulling, distractible, and hyperactive, despite having plenty of exercise the day before (as he… Continue reading

more progress

Things worth mentioning from the past week or so: Bubba put himself to bed for the first time ever last week. It had been a busy day, and around 9pm he got up… Continue reading

the amazing power of “behind”

Before Bubba came into our lives, I had an image in my mind of wandering through the woods on our many hikes with our dog trotting along with us, enjoying exploring together, and… Continue reading

Bubba & Huskybaby 4EVA

(or at least until Husky is torn to shreds) Happy belated Valentine’s Day