winter projects

I made a set of tree blocks for Natasha’s preschool classroom a few weeks ago, and that set off a mini-storm of new tree block requests. Since then I’ve made at least six… Continue reading

Bandsaw Boxes, Part 2

When I left off last week, I was glueing together pieces of a weird shaped box that I eneded up not liking at all. As a result I didn’t take any more pictures… Continue reading

Mt. Monadnock winter hike

I got an invitation from friends to hike up Mt. Monadnock after the first big snow of the season. It had snowed through the night and we left Boston early in the morning.… Continue reading

Bandsaw Boxes, Part 1

These are called bandsaw boxes because they’re made primarily on the bandsaw. Following the same basic principles, you can made a lot of different styles of boxes and small chests of drawers out… Continue reading

favorite music of 2012

I appreciate a lot of music, but my favorite artists are the ones I find most authentic; those that write and play their own music, with smart and soulful lyrics. Here are a… Continue reading

red fox

(This is not my photo, though it is a Massachusetts red fox.) I took my dog friend Rosa for a walk this morning at dawn. We were standing around at the bottom of… Continue reading

bandsaw play sets

These little sets are made from poplar cut-offs. I draw the design on paper then transfer it onto the face of the wood and cut it on the bandsaw. Then each piece is… Continue reading

a batch of cherry spoons

I’m still working away on the long cherry branch I found a couple months ago. So far I’ve made nine spoons out of it, and I should get four or maybe six more.… Continue reading

very special delivery

Got some important mail from my sister and neices yesterday. On the left, ladybugs and some poetry from Sadie: dear Uncle P and auntie tasha, come pay me. I can do it all… Continue reading

a spoon from start to finish

I thought it would be interesting to show some different steps in the spoon carving process. Every spoon is different and I don’t usually have a design in mind until I start working… Continue reading