bad dog

Of course the day after I wrote about the good behavior we’ve been seeing lately, Bubba outdoes himself with some of his worst behavior ever. It was the end of the work day… Continue reading

a place for ourselves

We are enjoying visiting this field by our house. So far we haven’t met any other dogs here and Bubba has been able to explore off leash. Once we’re in the field I… Continue reading

Question of the Day

Q: How do you make an off-leash dog stop eating a dead mole? A: You don’t.   Today’s question of the day is brought to you by the exciting treasure discovered by Bubba… Continue reading

measures of success

Now when the vaccuum comes out, Bubba takes it upon himself to “go to his place” and lay down rather than running around the house and barking like a madman.

out of the basement

end table

scrap wood end table

“I like your dog, he’s well behaved.”

Count that among the things I didn’t expect to hear in reference to Bubba. That was my father-in-law’s comment to Natasha as we got into our car Christmas Eve. After the initial excitement… Continue reading

“Would you please leash your dog?”

That’s my go-to line when we encounter other dogs off leash. Almost always this happens when we’re hiking, because we don’t go to parks where we know there may be other dogs. All… Continue reading

get your stick

There are a lot of things I’ve been wanting to write about, but haven’t gotten around to. Encounters with off-leash dogs and their owners, treating for good behavior vs. bribery, how to deal… Continue reading

our new workout

(thanks to master cinematographer Natasha) Last week Bubba learned about bike rides, thereby combining two of my favorite things and giving him a whole new and fun way to exercise. I’ve been wanting… Continue reading

having a ball

On office days we spend lunch break playing soccer in the field across the road. It’s pretty much the only time Bubba gets to be off leash outside. I keep his leash attached… Continue reading