learning from each other

The most important lessons are the ones I have to learn myself. In the last post I mentioned feeling frustrated by some less than ideal behavior we were seeing from Oso, namely jumping… Continue reading

channeling peace

Living in Boston, we’re lucky to have some good open spaces nearby. The entrance to these woods is a five minute walk from our house. Oso and I head here in the mornings… Continue reading


This past spring, a co-worker and I decided to set up bee hives on the roof of the wood shop. He’d kept bees for a few years in the past, and had some… Continue reading

a special present

Our sweet niece is turning two next month. I’d been thinking about building her a rocking horse, but she got a great looking one as a gift and even the most special little… Continue reading

hiking and handling the unexpected

We went to the mountains for a wedding last weekend and brought Oso along. Oso joined our friend Travis and I for a hike on Saturday- we summited Mt Tremont in Harts Location,… Continue reading


Oso and I walked to work today, 5.5 miles through the park, along a bike path, down city streets and through an industrial district to the shop in Roxbury. Awesome way to start… Continue reading

independence ain’t so bad

We’re encouraging Oso to become more independent and comfortable being alone. He is a real shadow, especially inside the house, following us to the desk, couch, kitchen (or as far as the gate… Continue reading

good boy

Oso stayed in his “place” for an hour this afternoon while I vacuumed and mopped the whole house, including underneath him. Quite a change from the first couple vacuum experiences, aka kill-that-crazy-growling-machine. Then… Continue reading


Natasha, Oso and I headed to the mountains for the long weekend. On Saturday we spent time with some friends. Oso did great with the long drive to the White Mountains, about 3… Continue reading

healing through heeling

One of my primary goals is for Oso to be able to control his behavior around things that set him off, namely other dogs, while we’re on a walk. We use an Easy… Continue reading