fox signs

Back in December I wrote about seeing a red fox at the Quincy quarries. Yesterday morning I was back there walking Rosa. We didn’t see the fox but did come across some signs that he’s still active around there.

fox scat

Here’s some scat that was just off the trail near the entrance to the quarries, about fifty feet away from December’s fox sighting. It’s most likely from a fox or maybe a coyote, but definitely not a domestic dog. Based on the size and location, I’d wager that it came from the same fox. Not super fresh, but not too old either. Rosa was very interested.

The Quincy quarries are decomissioned granite quarries south of Boston. The material for the Bunker Hill monument as well as many other prominent Boston landmarks was taken from these quarries and hauled long miles to the city. The bottoms of the quarry sites used to all be filled with water. This made them popular for swimming and diving and dumping things no one was ever supposed to find. During the 1990s, most of the quarries were filled in with material taken away from the “Big Dig” construction project in Boston. Now there’s grass growing where once there were deep black pools at the base of the granite cliffs. The quarries are a public park open for hiking and probably the best rock climbing in Massachusetts.

exploring the quarries

It was early morning when we were there for our walk, and Rosa and I had the place to ourselves. She’s an older girl and doesn’t get around great anymore, but her interest and excitement for exploring kept her moving as we made a big loop up, down, and around the granite formations. At one high point with a striking view northward toward Boston, we found the fur remains of what I believe was a rabbit. The fur was short, soft, and grey with brown tips. This rabbit could have been killed by a fox or a coyote. Whoever it was had a nice view to enjoy from their dinner spot.