red fox

Red fox photo by Flickr user halmorgan

Photo by Flickr user halmorgan

(This is not my photo, though it is a Massachusetts red fox.)

I took my dog friend Rosa for a walk this morning at dawn. We were standing around at the bottom of a hill in the Quincy quarries. Just as we were getting ready to leave I looked back up the hill and there was the healthiest looking red fox I’ve ever seen. Its coat was a beautiful auburn and dark brown, with a full bushy tail and bold white tip. I saw it first on profile, it must have been watching us. It disappeared for a few seconds before trotting away up the hill.

One of my favorite books around the house is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. It’s a collection of natural observations and various traditional interpretations of different animals. Whenever I have an experience with an animal that particularly stands out to me, I wonder if there might be some message being imparted. I thumbed through the fox entry to see what kind of meaning I could take away from my sighting. Across different cultures, foxes represent creativity and femininity, are significant in their ability to camouflage themselves, and their fur symbolizes energy and fertility. All things to consider and hold onto as we head into our Christmas celebration.

Happy Holidays everyone.