a spoon from start to finish

I thought it would be interesting to show some different steps in the spoon carving process. Every spoon is different and I don’t usually have a design in mind until I start working with the wood.

split stick
Cherry branch, cut to length with saw and split with hatchet. I’ve begun to cut away at the handle of the new spoon (on the right).

A bit more of the handle cut away with the hatchet…

Finished roughing out the spoon with the hatchet. I chop a little into the bowl to make it easier to start removing wood with the hook knife. You can see the two knives I’ll use for the remainder of the carving.

The bowl of the spoon has been partially carved with the hook knife. For a deep bowl, this can take a long time.

At this point I’m done carving and shaping with the knives and about to begin sanding. It still looks pretty rough and there are a lot of “mistakes” on this spoon. It’s sitting on top of its opposite half, which will hopefully become another smaller spoon.

Three spoons in different stages of life. The top one is the ladle, having been sanded and given a mineral oil rub. The middle spoon is another one I made this weekend out of the same cherry. It has been sanded but not oiled. The bottom spoon is one of the first spoons I carved and it has been in use at our house for quite a while now. Showing good signs of use and a pretty embarassing bowl carving! That was before I had any hook knives.