fall projects

horse barn planning and construction

I have some projects to tackle around the house and holiday gifts to make, but before all that, here are a few things I put out this past fall. The horse barn was for my niece’s third birthday. I built it mostly out of cabinet shop scraps and Natasha painted it. Very fun to design and build on a simple, small scale.

painted barn

The big payoff, of course, was getting to watch the horsies being introduced to their new home:

Here’s a sort-of recent spoon, carved from a cherry branch that was pruned from a neighbor’s tree. This is a cooking or serving size spoon. I have in mind to carve a handful of eating spoons for holiday gifts. I may gift myself a new curved spoon carving knife in that process.

Cherry spoon

One of the bigger projects I hope to tackle at the house this weekend is rebuilding the two wooden gates to our back yard fence. They were blown off their hinges in superstorm Sandy a couple weeks ago. The original gates are too heavy and poorly designed, they sag and bang awkwardly against the house. I need to repair some damage they’ve caused to the siding on the house, and come up with a new gate design thats stronger, lighter, and hopefully an aesthetic upgrade from these old ones.