last call

I wasn’t surprised to see Peter’s number light up my phone yesterday morning. Things didn’t work out on the farm, so we drove up last night and brought him home. Bubba and Peter really got along, but Bubba also chased the cows, tried to bite one of the farm workers, and chased a bike out in the street and almost got hit by a truck. From the sound of it, Peter gave him a whole lot of freedom. He ran through the fields and woods, swam laps around the pond, and followed Peter on his four-wheeler through the swamp. I am thankful he got a couple days at “summer camp” and I’m also glad he didn’t run away or bite anyone. I had been explicit with Peter that Bubba needed to be watched carefully, and for as nice of a guy as he is, he is also a very busy man who is used to letting his dog just hang around the farm while he works. Bubba is not that kind of dog.

So we are back where we were a week ago. For the sake of our own sanity, we’ve decided not to drag things out any longer. Today is Bubba’s last day, and he’s been enjoying some of his favorite things. Visiting his buddies at work, eggs for breakfast, riding in the front seat, hanging out in our woods, swimming, fighting other dogs, messing with the cats, a good brushing, and snuggling on the porch furniture. We’re about to go pick up Natasha from work, then we’ll have one last long family walk together.

Bubba, you are a good boy. I have always felt that. We tried really hard to make this life work for you, and I’m sorry this is what it’s come to. Thank you for all the love and the lessons. You’ve brought out the worst and the best in me, and taught me a lot about patience and perseverance. I will always be thankful for this year together. I love you so much buddy. You can relax now.