voices of reason

I want to share a couple links to other blogs that have been especially helpful to me in gaining understanding of Bubba and the way he ticks. These folks have a lot of experience working with reactive dogs. Sometimes over this past year one of their posts has come along at the perfect time for me to apply the advice to an issue we were working through. More often it has just been reassuring and affirming to hear from the pros that working with a highly reactive and anxious dog can be really challenging. These blogs have been good reminders for those of us in these situations to be gentle with ourselves and our dogs. I’m not actually associated with any of these blogs or trainers, just passing them along as great resources. These are all positive, thoughtful, reward-based trainers.

Fearfuldogs’ Blog– This is the first dog blog that I came across and it’s been a steady source of practical advice and analysis of different training methods. It helped me realize that Bubba was not going to just “get over” many of his behavioral challenges, but that they would require a lifetime of management.

Notes from a Dog Walker– My most recent discovery and one of my favorites, this blog is written by a woman who specializes in caring for highly reactive dogs. She coined the term DINOS (Dogs in Need of Space), and many of her posts are about raising awareness about this type of dog. I wish I could give this link to every owner who has said “my dogs are friendly!” as they come charging up to Bubba off-leash, and to every person who has walked right up to pet him without asking permission or waiting for an appropriate introduction.

Dog Obedience Training Blog– This blog gets to the heart of a lot of tough issues, aggression and biting, as well as general training and safety tips for dogs. There is also a good amount of lighthearted material… it’s nice to be reminded of the silly and fun side of life with dogs.

Bubba looking a little silly himself in his favorite “dog bed” that he reclaimed from the cats.