Please keep Zeus in your thoughts

Zeus is a handsome one year old pitbull who lives in the neighborhood where I work. Bubba and I have met him a couple times when he’s been out with his owner. These were memorable meetings because Bubba has actually “gotten along” with Zeus much better than he has with most other dogs. They were also memorable because Zeus ran out across the busy street to meet Bubba both times.

Unfortunately, this afternoon Zeus’ luck ran out and he was hit by a car right outside of the office. If you have never seen a badly injured animal, be glad for that. Zeus’ poor owner was an emotional wreck as she laid on the street beside her baby. It appeared that Zeus had at least a broken leg along with unseen injuries that left him bleeding from the mouth. A small group of us helped the woman and the dog move from the street to the sidewalk and stayed with them while emergency services arrived. Eventually Zeus was loaded into her car and driven to a nearby animal hospital.

I was struck by how calm (brave?) Zeus was throughout the ordeal, despite his severe injuries, hysterical owner, and all the strangers gathered around him. He was alert and clear-eyed, though basically unmoving and having difficulty breathing. I don’t know the extent of his internal injuries, but I am praying for his recovery.

It will be a long time before the image of Zeus’s devestated owner laying herself over her dog’s body will leave me. I wish she had taken the warnings of his previous behavior as a sign to keep him on leash in this area. I wish there were more, safer places for people in dense urban areas to bring their dogs to play without having to worry about being hit by a speeding Porche. I hope we’re able to keep Bubba safe enough that we never have to experience what she and Zeus went through today.