out of the basement

end table
I made this little table to replace a chest we were using as an end table in the living room. It’s made from six different types of wood- all scraps I’ve salvaged from the dumpsters at the shop. I built it on the fly after looking at a lot of pictures and plans online. I haven’t put any finish on it, just sanded off the most offensive rough or splintered patches. I like the raw look but I should probably put something on to protect it. I also need to add a knob or handle to the drawer front. Fun project for a Saturday.

While I was in the basement, Bubba stayed by himself upstairs. This project took about five hours and he behaved awesomely the whole time. Actually, I think he slept on the couch most of the time, but I’ll let it slide. As I worked downstairs I thought about Bubba’s first night with us, when the vet cautioned us that he was too flea-ridden to sleep inside the house. He stayed in his crate downstairs and I slept on a sleeping pad on the floor next to him. Thinking back to that night I remember how small and scared he was, he really has come a long way since then.

Bubba turns one year old sometime this month, as far as we can tell. So happy birthday big guy! Here he is hanging out at the office, soggy from running to work through the rain.