channeling peace

Living in Boston, we’re lucky to have some good open spaces nearby. The entrance to these woods is a five minute walk from our house. Oso and I head here in the mornings to run or walk before work. These days it’s still dark when we step outside. The other day, the moon was so big and bright in the morning sky that it stopped Oso in his tracks when he first saw it, then he jumped and tried to catch it in his mouth.

Those small endearing moments are the best stuff, like when he walks over and rests his head on your lap, or when he heels nicely and smiles up at you during a walk. We still have plenty of trying times too. Recently he’s taken to jumping on me in the house, nosing into our dinner plates when we sit at the couch, busting through the baby gate into the kitchen to eat the cat food (or even worse, into the basement where the really good cat “treats” are), among other charming behaviors. I remind myself that he is the dog equivalent of a teenager and that he has only lived with us for a few months, some testy behavior is normal.

Although I am no longer a practicing Catholic, I’ve recently started wearing a St. Francis medallion again. I’ve always been drawn to him for the ways he rejected wealth and embraced simplicity, lived his life with strong purpose and wasn’t afraid to follow a different path than the one that was expected or accepted. I could stand to channel some of that energy, along with his famous connection with animals and the natural world. Hopefully I can tap into that next time I’m overcome by the urge to yell at the dog and shove him down when he jumps and bites at my sleeves.